Thursday, 20 August 2015

Art & Creative Director. Baker. Based in Penang Island, Malaysia.

I live in our old family home with my parents, 6 mutt dogs, and 2 egocentric cats. Sometimes, I forgot we have 5 geese at the back of our home which my dad requests us to call them 'swans'. 

The smell of zesty citrus and fresh pines works better than my morning alarm clocks. 

Live by linens, old books, antiques, and real food. Neutral colours are my loud statement.

I lost myself in the idle moment when I come across traditional hand-crafted goods. I know there are people out there that still cares of slow hard work like me.

I enjoy writing letters over emails. Also, because I like the sight of ink meets paper, and maybe that I have a pretty okay handwriting.

To live in an English cottage or Scandinavian loft is actually my dream. 

I would dedicate a room for entertainment. That means consoles and arcade machines, the big ones! It's quite a square peg round hole scenario with my dream home, but we can work it out later, can't we designers?

No green fingers, but still thinking that having a herb, vegetable and flower garden is achievable. How that comes about is beyond my knowledge now. 

Food shopping comes first. Clothing and gadgets second. 

You can find me driving out sans destination at times. That is when I do my thinking best. I wonder about people, life and possibilities a lot. Like really a lot.

I don't have a travel bucket list because travel is fickle subject to me. But I do have a sticky note with 'Iceland, China, Canadian Rockies, Taiwan, Bangkok' written on it.

Furtively in love with ceramics.

Hosting gatherings has slowly become my forte which I grew up watching how my father does it. He shows his appreciation when we gather at the table, sharing the similar passion and bringing it to the next level. When I host local gatherings, I like to incorporate nature elements, as it has always been my daintiest accessory.

I dream to open my own bakery and creative firm someday. And yes on top of that I want to have kids as well.

Enjoy camping, spontaneous road trips and star-gazing. Need someone to teach me about stars. Otherwise, I'm just gazing into the dark skies, and I can't complain much either. 

If you start singing, naturally I will back you on 2nd vocal.

Hans Zimmer, John Williams and John Powell are the reason why I believe in buying a record player. My friends told me I over-praised Imogen Heap. I still do.

There are only 3 people in this world who knows my favourite flower. And I think that's a lot.

Working in an up-shifting industry, I am still learning to create balance by embracing slow living. I see the perfection in the imperfections, the odd and I take my time to understand what I'm interacting with. 

Believe that beauty takes different forms-- the rusty key holes, the crack on the edge of pies, the salt and pepper hair, the burst yolk, the other missing sock. I never doubt a second that these flaws made our attention submissive to details, submissive to spending time in understanding their form.

Less can be empty. Empty can be imperfect. Imperfect can be beautiful. Learn to believe in possibilities, live to every detail and prismatic moments. And to realize that not necessarily there are answers to everything. 

After all, the glass might not even be there.

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