Russia Diary x Irkurtsk : Taltsy Cheers

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Have you experienced baffling instincts when you are leaving a place, and you somehow know that you’ll be back there again one day?

That was exactly how I felt that morning when I packed for Yekaterinburg. Close to 11.00am, Ivan came to fetch us from Nikolaya’s home all the way to Irkutsk city. At first I did not understand the excitement Ivan had about bringing us to the wooden architecture museum. But when I got there, I finally saw what it was all about.

Taltsy Museum, is like a little fairyland foreground before you walk into the woodland. Just like the signboard, Taltsy is all about the wooden construction of the early years. And you’d be impressive on how they actually built stalls for horses, storage for animal skins, carts, underground wine cellar, even prison. Yes, prison.


The weather in the afternoon was really sunny and breezy when we had lunch. I cannot recall a moment where I actually felt hungry when in Russia. Not only did they serve generous portions, they were really tasty!

By the way, did you know that Blini go really well with whipped honey and sour cream?

Before dropping us off at the train station, Ivan stopped at a local grocery store for us to pick up some supplies. Although the journey to Yekaterinburg takes 55 hours, I was pretty sure we bought a whole week worth of groceries. It wasn’t easy to carry those groceries, not when it began to pour heavily and when roads became questionable puddles. 

When I got up the train, there wasn’t much to do but drink juice, tune into Spotify, eat cheese & crackers then drift off to sleep. It took me by surprise that 55 hours on tracks weren’t all that bad. All I could think of is I can’t wait to explore the next destination!

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