Wind of change

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

I've met many people, but never enough. And still there are some who could leave you feeling a little different, in a good way.

Every single day makes a difference in my life. Supposedly I was inspired by something which I have no recollection of it at all. Thankfully, I saw this old picture of my friend and knew immediately I should log on to my blog before it slips away.

It provoked so many thoughts, yet I heard so many secret chords. What could a picture like this remind you of? 

There were tons of things that went through my head, especially a similar photo of Marion Cotillard vividly and Dexys Midnight Runners top chart, Come On Eileen. In fact, I'm listening to it right now while typing on this keyboard which I secretly hope it's a typewriter instead.

The raison d'ĂȘtre of this post is inspired by this very second when the picture was taken; about seizing every little bit of moment. Mind you I'm just making up a lot about this picture as I have absolutely no idea what happened back then or who took this beautiful piece. 

I believe that the wind in the past few months has blowed me off to a different direction. It made me also stood firmer on my grounds where I should stay humble, count my blessings but also learn to give myself a break just because I earned it.

Growing up as a dancer, there are many ways I surge in expressing my emotions, thoughts and things I wasn't even ready to share. But it's these moments where we stay most true to ourselves. No doubt I received few comments from my friends on how they'd love to express themselves the same way -- fearless and zero expectations. It's in my blood to express this way and there's always the bad in good, you know.

In another week time, I'm leaving for Russia and Switzerland. I could use this one-month period to learn even more about different cultures, interaction, and ready to take any signs (Dear God, please give me a sign). I couldn't be more grateful that my relatives are doing this for me -- taking me off from my daily 9 - 6 routine and letting me be their travel buddy!

Lastly, with the picture again in my mind, everyone learns to express differently. And perhaps even our way of expressing changes with time. Don't be intimidated by any of these changes, because someday you'll see the goodness of it. Doesn't that happen like always? Mine changes according to my experience and definitely the people that I met. 

P.S: This should come from no one but a chameleon. I like to mimic the people around and see how they react. And until you are ready to show your true self, I will too. 

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