Phoebe, the odd reindeer.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

In all my life, my family never celebrate Christmas. Not even once. So, it becomes special for me when there is a celebration going on somewhere. 
Since it's a special season, I would like to introduce Phoebe, the odd reindeer for your Christmas this year!

Here's a little something about her:
  • Possibly the only reindeer that has never seen snow.
  • Has multiple identities -- She can be Chiara, Kina or even Cindy sometimes.
  • Terrified with the idea of Santa Claus.
  • Detachable antlers, period.
  • Prefer naughty kids over nice kids. They can be pretentious you know.
  • Thinks Rudolph is shy, but sexy. 
  • Still thinks she can fly over the sky.

By the way, the odd reindeer has some odd wishes to her odd family and friends here. And by odd, she meant loving and awesome people that hold special places in her Cervidae heart. 

To: The Leow Clan
When can we meet again? Yes, all of us! Despite me staying quiet, I actually read our group chat (perhaps not all). Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year! I love you all.

To: Kitty Foong
We seriously need to get out of the mall. Meanwhile, let's start planning for our messy gathering. 

To: Siang
Are you still rendering your animation? Shall we pay a visit to the fridge? BTW, I love the photos!

To: Vincent Teoh
I'll try to make sure we have ice cream in our next meal. I will really try. 

To: Tricia, Siamese twins, Eileen, Emilyn, Hong Luan & Ee Lin
I'm sorry that I'm always in the worst time for meet-ups. Nevertheless, I miss all of you so much. And high school, of course.

To: TY, Khim & Kelly
Japanese food. As soon as possible. Hungry. Need to fuel new ideas. Lots of love. Ho. Ho. Ho.

To: EAA Ah Long
Thank you for the wonderful moments we had. All your messages never failed to make me laugh like an idiot. 

To: Jennifer Henson
I can't even put into words how much I miss you. When are you coming to the island again? Love you.

To: Fam
Are you still in your green tea world? I'm really hungry and I need you to fill my big tummy. The sooner the better. I'll call you if I'm going down South! 

To: Sean Crockford
It turns out they have fresh herbs at Sam's Groceria! I know we both have jobs in different places, but we've got to get down to serious business, my friend. -- Burritos.

To: Benjamin Tan
May your Christmas be merry & bright. Now, go get some sleep.

I don't think the list will ever come to an end. But my laptop battery will. 
So, I'd like to wish all of you a Merry & Creamy Christmas, and a Jolly New Year!

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