One Flight Down

Sunday, 30 November 2014

While November is coming to an end, I'm grateful and at the same time terrified. Because I think I'm adding too many events to my calendar and I'm not even sure if I have enough time. But that aside, I have Christmas to look forward to!

I can only imagine myself writing this now with the help of Norah Jones's One Flight Down. I have been too tired to even eat, sleep or think. I guess you can call that auto-pilot mode; if that ever make any sense to you. For the entire week, my mind just picked up on any sound and work that comes by.

Back in high school, I'd do anything to get away from Maths or History class. In fact, I've concluded myself as the laziest Convent girl. And now, people said that I've over-worked.

I remember a friend shared a quote on Facebook that goes 'No one is too busy, it's just a matter of priorities.' As much as that make sense, what about people like me whose switch are off sometimes? I let the word p-r-i-o-r-i-t-i-e-s fidget out from my selfish version of dictionary.

Whenever I looked into the mirror, I recollect the moments of my younger years; how I was excited about my new ballet leotards, how I've finally learned to play a new love song on the piano, how I was always on time for volleyball practice and how I love the smell of the grass whenever I'm on the running field. The funny thing is that those 'younger years' were just about 5 years ago. It's strange how the working world to retire me from a tough pirate to a little man who guards the lighthouse. 

At this point, I'm always looking for something to perk me up; coffee is no longer on the list. Sometimes, cooking helps too, but not this week. I'm too worn out to even preheat the oven!

Whenever I look into my phone, there will always be checklist where I can never cross them off all at once. It could be deadlines, workshops, trips, and executing plans on my online store (I'll explain this soon!). I wonder whatever happened to my camping plans.

No matter how many hours I've slept, I can never replenish the energy that was stripped away from me. 

I came this far to confess that work + life balance is one of my toughest challenges. I need to learn how to pause, and you should too. 

P.S.: Could not be more thankful for Fall Out Boy, fluffy pillows and Orange Bergamot essential oil.

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