My first attempt with marble soda

Saturday, 22 November 2014

After a movie day last week, my 5-feet tall friend distracted me while I'm choosing between Danish salami or mustard-glazed ham. She was rather animated about this drink she had with her host family in Japan.

Her cheerful voice drowned the Mariah Carey track that was on repeat. All I could hear was "marble", "classic", and I think several times of "You must try this!".

'ラムネ' Ramune soda costs about MYR6.00 here for 6.6oz - about USD1.80. So I went ahead and bought one. There are several brands and packaging available, but the one that I'm holding is known as the original marble soda.

The fun bit was I got to push the glass marble down to pop the bottle. I skipped the picture where almost a quarter of the drink gushed right up before draining my top. How could I live with myself when I forgot to settle down the soda?

For so many years, I've had my fair share of soda, seltzer and tonic water (can I be any healthier?). Unlike other fizzies, Ramune is neither too fizzy nor sweet. It's just a safe drink; taste wise. I might not buy this again because it's quite pricey for 6.6oz, but you should try this at least once!

Now, I'm curious about other imported drinks! What are some of the best drinks you've had? 

P.S. : Thank you, Tricia. You were right about Ramune.


  1. I can imagine it when the soda gushed out...haha..I look forward to try it!

    1. It looks deceiving, really! You can't trust soda. You just, can't. Lemme know how yours go!


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