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Saturday, 1 November 2014

I'm in love with my hair right now! For about a year, I've been wanting to highlight only both sides of my hair, and I did it today! Not sure what has been stopping me before.

If you are looking to give your hair a fresh change, you can ask your stylist to give you a different shade or highlight. Since my job doesn't really allow me to have funky colours, I chose to go a few shades lighter. The highlight began from the part above my ears. Therefore, it will not be that visible if I let my hair down. I like it this way because it does brighten up my face when I tie my hair up. 

I would also like to  share with you on one of my favourite and easiest look. Mainly because I'm going for red puckers tonight.

List of products used for this look:

Makeup Forever brow pencil

Benefit Meet Matt(e) eye shadow palette - Matt Ramirez

Eyeko Eye Do mascara

Benefit Tropical Coral kit - Blusher only

Liz Earle Skin Repair moisturizer

Collistar Rosetto Design lipstick

Benefit Watt's Up sheer highlighter

If you noticed the above list, I did not mention anything about primer, foundation or powder coverage. I wanted my freckles to compliment the red lips, without going heavy on the eyes. What I did with my blusher here was rubbed in the powder blusher into a small dollop of my moisturizer. Since my cheeks are naturally rosy, I used this method to achieve a just little more flush. If you have dry skin, you can mix your powder blusher into your daily moisturizer, Argan oil or tea tree oil. But if your skin is oily, stick to powder blushers!

For every look, I have a focus point or should I call it the subject? It's the same concept when you design a visual. You need to have something to navigate your eyes to. The first thing you look at is the subject. Here, my subject is red, bold lips. Hence, I keep the number of products on my eyes very minimal. Instead of using liquid eye liner, switch to eye shadow to line them. It will open up your eyes, yet gives you a softer and a natural look.

So, dear friends, now you know how I achieve this easy look. The better you look after your skin, the lesser make up you need to pound on your face! 

I hope you find this helpful!

Random thought: I could kill for seafood paella right now. 

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